Understanding Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Understanding Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

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It is a fact that the locks with Euro profile cylinders are among the most widely used by households in the country. You most certainly have such a device or you consider getting one for your home. In any case, it is worth knowing as much as possible about these locksets. This will help you make the right decisions and ensure optimal security at all times.Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Design, Options and Specifics

The Euro cylinder locks are recognised for their shape. The shape of the cylinder is the same as that of a traditional keyhole. There is a round section at the top where the actual keyhole stands. The lower section has the form of a cylinder with rounded edges at the bottom. These devices have a latch bolt and a deadbolt at the same time. The second one works to provide a higher level of security.

These devices belong to the category of mortise locks. The cylinder is fitted inside a specially designed pocket that is cut into the door. In this way, the extraction of the cylinder is simple. It is taken out simply by unscrewing the bolts which hold it. This facilitates the process of lock rekey. It becomes much quicker.

There are three main options which you can select from when getting a door lockset of this type for your home or office. The so called single cylinder allows locking from one side only. The key and turn option makes it possible for the door to be locked on both sides. On one side, this happens with the use of a key and on the other with the turning of the knob which the cylinder is equipped with. The so called double key configuration is regarded to provide the highest level of security. It makes it possible for the door to be locked with the use of a key on both sides.

There is a variety of sizes to choose from as well. The appropriate size is determined based on the thickness of the door and on the type of handle which is used. It is essential for the calculations to be done correctly.

The most widely used devices with Euro cylinders UPVC door locks. They are generally reliable and offer a good level of security. The problem with the traditional cylinders, however, is that they can be overcome fairly easily with the use of a technique called snapping. It enables burglars to unlock the door in up to two minutes. Given this, it is important for homeowners and business managers to invest in Euro profile cylinder locking devices which have been especially designed to be resistant to snapping. Existing devices should be replaced with the more secure ones without delay.

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