How to Protect Locks from Scratching

How to Protect Locks from Scratching

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It is common for people not to take scratches as serious damage when it comes to door locksets. However, this is certainly not the case. In addition to reducing the aesthetic appeal of the hardware, scratches increase the risk of rust, corrosion and other types of damage. That is why each metal lockset deserves to get full protection. Here is how to provide it.How to Protect Locks from Scratching

General Care

Choose protective coating for the device - You can select from specially formulated clear coatings and paint. You have to make a choice from an aesthetic point of view. Before you buy a particular product, you must ensure that it is fully weather resistant in addition to providing protection from scratches. In this way, the device will be safeguarded from corrosion as well. This will certainly help to delay the need for lock replacement further in time.

Apply the coating to the entire surface of the lock hardware - Remember to add protective tape before you start the work. Use one type of motion and follow a single direction when applying the layer of coating. Do not make random strokes if you use a brush as this may make the surface bumpy rather than smooth as it is supposed to be. Let the coating dry before you use the device again.

Always insert the key directly into the keyway with complete precision - This will eliminate the risk of accidental scratching of the visible part of the cylinder. This is especially important for Euro profile cylinders that protrude out of the door.

In order to lock or unlock the door always stand right in front of the locking device - Do not try to insert the key from the side as this can cause even greater damage that would pose the need for lock repair. Make sure that everyone in your house will keep this simple rule.

Special Protection

Add removable protective film over the lock during repair works to the door - This is the best method for preventing accidental scratching with metal tools. Such film is easy to find. You should get a product which provides protection from damaging liquid materials such as solvents as well. Cover the entire surface of the mortice lock from both sides and keep the film until the repair work is completed.

You can use these techniques for protecting all types of locking devices including the ones installed on the internal doors of your property.

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