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We are your partners in keeping your establishment secured. Our technicians are highly experienced in all business security measures.

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Locksmith Pinner offers a wide range of commercial locksmith services that businesses and various establishments can count on. The security of your company is very crucial. This is a great factor in your business since this would protect important data, company properties, customers and employees from people who might have bad intentions getting in. We have helped many companies enhance their security and we can do the same for you.

Commercial Locksmith in Pinner

We Can Help Create a Secured Office or Establishment

Leaving your office security weak could attract burglars to easily break in. This is something that you don’t want to happen. We can perform a thorough inspection of your company to see what security measures need to be strengthened. If you let us do the job, we’ll do lock upgrades to use high security products in your office. We are experienced working with any access control systems, so we can also set keyless entry systems, if this is what you prefer. There are various ways on how one can gain entry in a keyless system. Authorized personnel may use cards or badges that they swipe or scan on a reader to get in. Eye and fingerprint recognition may also be used, which is even better as there’s no key, card or badge to lose. 

We also repair door locks in case the ones in your office broke or were damaged for some reason. We have a stock of locks with high security from top brands that we can use if replacement is required. These products are guaranteed of high quality and we give them at the most affordable price. Replacement would be faster as we can carry what we need for the job when we go to your place. If unfortunate things happen and you were a victim of burglary, you must call us immediately for our burglary repairs. This means that your security system is not strong enough to protect your business. We’ll see to it the same thing doesn’t happen again.

Our company is not just here for locks and keys issues. We also offer door installation and door repair. This is also part of ensuring the security of your establishment. Improperly installed and malfunctioning doors could put your office’s security at risk. We are trained and skilled to work on all types and brands of doors.

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